Quite right. Mormons don’t smoke cigars.

According to an article by Tad Walch in the August 8, 2017, Deseret News, a high-ranking member of the hierarchy of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was recently excommunicated. The reason hasn’t been made public, but

The church also confirmed that Tuesday’s action was not due to disillusionment or apostasy.

To the waste land he goes, a scarlet thread tied to his horns. But his faith remains unsullied and his illusions still work their sleight of heart.

O Cigar, dispeller of holy Illusion in a cloud of smoke.

Source: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865686362/LDS-Church-leaders-rel…1

Venite, adoremus

In a technical email to a friend, I typed “Exakta,” the name of a classic single-lens reflex camera.

Android’s autocomplete function decided that I must have meant “Exaltation.”

It’s to be regretted that Alvin Langdon Coburn didn’t supplement his suite of photographs for Henry James’s novels with a companion suite of photographs for William James’s Varieties of Religious Experience.