Product placement with revelation

As they soared over the junction where the streetcar track divided and transport could go two-way, it happened.

Suddenly the beer bottle grew huge and the white man in the boater looked up in surprise at the black man. Rigid, with bulging eyes, the black man was staring into a zone just above the other white man, the one in the thinking cap. Seen as yet only by the black man, light had begun descending on his table as it descends on the high places where to see is to know love .

Source: Popular Graphic Arts Collection, Library of Congress, Photoshopped.

Art deco 1943: silverware for the streamline age

Zephyr menu H

Source: Rare Book Division,The New York Public Library. “Burlington Zephyrs”  The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1943. Photoshopped.