Actor; sound barrier

Once, this is what some men did just before they took action. For a moment they stopped playing and stood still for the record. At their side, their musicians were silent. One day in the second decade of the twentieth century, some of the light that fell on New York was allotted to shadowing the face of a sousaphone player and making his horn glint and his ringed playing hand glow.

But the illumination wasn’t completed. At the edge of its history, a horn slides away behind the dark.

Source: George Grantham Bain Collection, Library of Congress, Photoshopped.

“Arenic”: poetic making as a game for the gods

Breath leaps from a body into the air, displacing air’s silence with body’s sound. From the contention, a word (“arenic”) is born. It has come to life because life required it to. The circus of origin now has a word for saying of itself, to itself and to us, “The highest class circus in the world.” Because the word’s birth carries that certificate, a ¬†command performance will follow in Mt. Olympus Arena.

The circus poster comes from¬† I’ve Photoshopped it to compensate for faded colors.