Bulletin: there are jobs for Ph.D.s in English

Today’s comment spam reads:

Hi my friend! I wish to say that this article is awesome,
nice written and include approximately all vital infos.
I’d like to see more posts like this.

The sender (or “sender”) advertises him/her/itself as a vendor of essays for students. For education’s sake, I’m always glad to restock the shelves.

A naughty song for Google

It’s like a carpet bazaar in a cheerful souk: every day on my Android tablet, Google unfurls a selection of news stories before my eyes and asks how happy they make me. I happily reply.

For instance, I recently told Google, I’m not interested in reading any more of your contributions from the right-wing Washington Times. “Thank you, sir! No problem at all, sir!” replied Google. Then it began sending me stories from the much more right-wing WorldNet Daily and Daily Caller.

Not interested in those, either, I told Google. “Thank you, sir! No problem at all, sir!” Google replied. Then it began sending me stories from the neo-Confederate, neo-Nazi VDARE.

Try again, I told Google. Replied Google, “Thank you, sir! No problem at all, sir!” And then it began sending me aluminum-foil-hat stuff about TWA Flight 800 from a site called American Thinker.

Google, may I suggest that one alternative to right-wing stuff is more right-wing stuff but another alternative is less?

And about that driverless Google car you’ve been thinking of, have a song! Consider it my thank-you note.