Thesaurus of verbs and nouns

Web page of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 2014

accelerate approach catalyze support develop generate trigger highlyinnovate addressseveralkeyfactors engageinboldsystematicreformefforts effectivelyintegratetoolsandapproaches experimentwithgroundbreakingnewparadigms


Collier’s, November 12, 1949

Source: Jon Williamson,

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e-flux, July 19, 2013:

A piece for one voice and a piano, FIEND essentially imbricates two performances into one. Utilizing the stage of the National Theatre as an archaic structure of uttering truths by means of pathos and illusion . . .

University of Chicago Press, 2013

Simultaneously unfolding on stage, John Tilbury will add to, interfere with and oppose the artist’s reading . . .

Imbricating, the performer simultaneously unfolds. Then she utilizes her unfoldedness by uttering its pathetic truth:

Anne Sexton, “Doors, Doors, Doors”


Photography, the dangling modifier, and ESL

 “As a Deleuzian nomadic feminist, my photographic work explores a dynamic disequilibrium. My photographs play with inter-relating imbrications—concurrent, multiple, contradictory tendencies. My pedagogical and art-based research explores the possibilities of radical citizenship by actively cultivating vulnerability through corporeal inquiries. Irreducibly allusive corpo-visual language unfolds as embodied rhizomatic vulnerabilities. My project is intricately rooted in the potential of a rhizomatic uncanny—‘reducible neither to the One nor the multiple’ (Mille Plateaux 22). I ground my theoretical investigations within narratives of personal experience [1]—sexual becomings and analog photography. As a strategy to elucidate my theoretical queries, I refer both to my philosophical underpinnings and the international public reception of my photographs—which frequently has led to censorship. In doing so, I practice an embodied theory that advocates a politics, philosophy, and pedagogical commitment rooted in everyday behavior and interaction. A commitment to this heterogeneous embodied thinking has the potential to rupture cultural assumptions. It explores the cross-fertilization of Deleuze’s enfoldments as disarticulated membranes. This awareness awakens the possibility of fully inhabiting our bodies—bodies that pulse with the multiplicity of the ‘I’—as inherently interdisciplinary. Revitalization of both individual and social bodies produces enfoldments of psyche-somatic consciousness. No hierarchies survive these monstrous, heterogeneous, multiple entwinings of body intelligence and wisdom. The body becomes a condition for participatory democracy—a lived erotic politics.”

Cara Judea Alhadeff, “Practicing the Abject: Deleuze and the Analog Uncanny.” Rhizomes 23 (2012).

“I commit”: the administrative intransitive

The Jerry Sandusky football sex scandal at Penn State reverberated in the school’s policy chambers, where the Board of Trustees belatedly learned that it had been kept in the dark by the school’s then president. Reacting, the school’s new president made a pledge to the board about future communications.

“I commit,” he said, “to loop you in.”

And that’s how we learned about Penn State’s new varsity sport.

— Jon,
SCHS ’58,
PSU ’62