Open flame: from the last years of a mode of seeing

Jack Delano, “Worker inspecting a locomotive on a pit in the roundhouse at the C & NW RR’s Proviso yard, Chicago, Ill.” December 1942. Farm Security Administration / Office of War Information Color Photographs, Library of Congress, Photoshopped.

Melville in detail: “the livery of nakedness”

Source of the illustration: “View of Honolulu. No. 1. From the Harbor.” Sketched by Paul Emmert, lithographed by G. H. Burgess. San Francisco: Britton & Rey, 1854. Library of Congress, Photoshopped.

Marine forms shaped by economic forces

In 1907:

In 2015:



“Bow of S. S. Thomas F. Cole.” Detroit Publishing Company collection, Library of Congress, Photoshopped.

Stephanie Yang, “The incredible toys of hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen.” Business Insider 5 February 2015, Online, accessed 30 June 2015.