Administrative note: comment streams and the election of 2016

During the officially concluded but still continuing American election campaign of 2016, the kind of people who inhabit the mud at the bottom of comment streams began rising, amid bubbles of swamp gas, into the light. By way of mitigating pollution, I have closed the posts on this blog to further comments, effective December 28, 2016.

During the nineteenth century, a period of great progress in the arts and the sciences, an ancient art form slips the surly bonds of earth

Unattributed woodcut, about 1850, in the Library of Congress at Photoshopped. The lines of verse are by the botanist-poet Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802), grandfather of Charles Darwin.

Origins of conservative thought

This (click it to enlarge) is Faith Domergue with some of the high-IQ space aliens from the science fiction classic This Island Earth. The aliens come from a world called Metaluna, which of course means “Beyond the Moon.”

And this

is Allen Tate, feeling wistful about his vanished slaves.